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Before buying an air purifier, you should research the product. There are things that you should consider. There is one major question that must have crossed your mind before buying or after getting an air purifier and that is, “Where should I place my air purifier?”

The placement of an air purifier is crucial for getting a better experience. You can place your air purifier at different places depending on different criteria to get optimal results.

Before placing an air purifier check its coverage area. For example, if it has a coverage area of 300 sq. ft., use it in a room that is less than 250 sq. ft. Don’t just blindly trust the user manual and what they suggest.

We are giving suggestions based on actual user experiences.

where should i place my air purifier
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Do you have a specific place that has a strong odor? It could be where you smoke or smoke from others come through. could it be in the kitchen where all the cooking smells get swelled in?

Or it could be near the window or any small ventilation where smells from outside come in. Try to identify the location and place the purifier closest to that.

When an air purifier starts working it takes in the nearer air faster and purifies it effectively. Try to place it facing the airflow of the place. Good airflow confirms better purification.


Try not to put the air purifier directly on the ground. An average-sized air purifier will have complications purifying the air around the ceiling. Besides, there could be a tripping hazard if you put the purifier on the ground.

The average recommendation from manufacturers is to put the purifier 3 feet higher from the ground. There are wall-mounted purifiers. This feature is really handy if the purifier has a classy look. It would be good for decorating the room too.

If the purifier is too big then you can place it on the ground. Because larger purifiers have broader capacities to purify the whole room.

For example, if you have a heavy air purifier like Honeywell HPA300 or Winix HR900 then better put on the ground.


If you use your air purifier mostly in an open room instead of a closed room, you might want to put it near the doorway. If you have pets, they will come and go whenever they want.

Placing the air purifier near the doorway might help to capture pet hair or dander. Besides, most of the pollutants from outside comes through either the doorway or the window.

People coming from outside unknowingly tend to bring germs or bacteria with them. This position may help to improve air quality.

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You may be thinking of placing an air purifier in the corner of the room or below any furniture is a good way of saving some space, but it would be wrong to do so.

When you place an air purifier in the corner, it can’t operate on every angle. The corner sides block the flow. Placing the purifier below the furniture is also not a good idea because purified air coming out of the purifier will be blocked by the furniture.

If you have an air purifier that has 360° purification system like RIGOGLIOSO SY910, then try to put it in the middle of a room.

Place the purifier in a way that it can take in the air easily (mostly from the front side) and release the purified air freely without any obstacle blocking it.


When placing an air purifier in your bedroom, there are things you should keep in mind. You should not put the air purifier close to the bed. Most of the air purifier’s air output is on top. Some have in front.

If you have one like that you should not place the purifier directed at your face. There is also the noise factor. Some purifiers are ultra-quiet, having the lowest noise level. Some are comparatively high. For low noise level check SilverOnyx air purifier.

You might want to place it at a distance. In any case, maintain at least 6 feet distance from your bed when placing an air purifier.


Air purifiers can absorb a lot moisture. It shortens the filter’s lifespan quickly. Avoid placing an air purifier in places such as a steamy bathroom like baths or hot tub or sauna, near gas appliances like a gas refrigerator or gas heater, near house plants, near the fireplace, etc. These places have high moisture.


Air purifiers operate on a similar wavelength to other electronic devices like televisions, microwaves, stereo equipment, etc. These electronic devices can interfere with the purifier’s signal. It is better to put them away from such devices.


Air purifiers work best in a closed room. It can totally purify the air inside. But it is not always possible to remain closed. You can use it just fine in an open room with air flowing from outside.

When using in the summertime in an open room, don’t put it on a place that has a lot of sun rays or heat. Air purify can’t stand high heat.

It is advisable that you don’t use both humidifier and air purifier in the same room. If you must have to, then set the humidifier to its lowest settings.


Air purifiers are essential for improving the air quality of your home. Buy a proper air purifier based on your requirements. Place it in the areas we recommended and you will have the best experience!


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