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Today we are going to talk about Vremi air purifier. Vremi air purifier shows some promises. We were interested in finding out what it actually brings to your home.

Do you know you are breathing in harmful air every moment? Yes, of course, we all know and we all do. Knowing doesn’t mean that we will stop breathing. Well, maybe a few thousand years later, we might!

But for now, what do you do? Outside is a large concept, but is your indoor air better or healthier? Can YOU make it BETTER? Yes, you can!

The easiest option is to buy an air purifier. Air purifiers are great for improving indoor air quality. Vremi is a company that focuses on improving your home quality with its quality products. Today we are going to talk about one of its purifiers.

Vremi’s true HEPA H13 air purifier is compact, powerful, and effective. It has strong filtration with cool features and satisfactory user reviews. Read our full review on this unit and then think about buying it. We are going to help you to make a wise decision.

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We thoroughly researched this unit. Based on what they offer and what user gets, we prepared our review and final rating. We hope you will find what you are looking for here. Get on board and let’s hit the road to ReviewLand!

vremi air purifier


The unit is small, compact, and portable. It has a height of 15.5 inches and a diameter of 8.7 inches. The unit weighs around 6.9 lbs, 3.1 kg. The unit has six parts. From the top, a control panel, an outlet cover, a lamp, body part, inside that the filter, and at the bottom is the base cover. You can place it on the ground or can use it as a tabletop.


The unit has 4 fan speeds with sleep, low, medium, and high. The sleep mode gives the lowest noise of 28 dB. You can use this while sleeping. The highest noise on this unit is around 52 dB. User reviews say at max speed it doesn’t get that noisy.

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The unit has 3 stages filtration system. An ultra-fine pre-filter, a true HEPA H13 filter, and an activated carbon filter make a powerful filtration system. The pre-filter captures the larger particle in the air.

The air then goes through the true HEPA H13 filter which targets 99.97% pollutants up to 0.3 microns. Finally, the activated carbon filter neutralizes smoke, odors, and other unwanted smell.

vremi air purifier filtration

The filter has a runtime of ~4320 hours, which is around 6 months. User reviews suggest you can use this unit for 7-8 months long before changing the filter. According to your living area and the contamination level of the air, it may last less than that. Always use the official replacements. The official replacement filter costs around $32 – $35.


The unit has some cool features. The real-time air quality monitor is a blessing. It allows you to see your indoor air quality in different colors. Air quality monitoring with auto mode is awesome.

You can see the colors changing based on your condition and the unit will adjust the fan speeds accordingly. From the table, you can see which color means what and how the unit adjusts. The effectiveness is pretty good.

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There is a filter change indicator that notifies you when it is time to change or clean the filter. But to be on the safe side, you should open up the unit and check the filter manually once a week. You should clean extra dust outside the filter and in the pre-filter for better services.

While the auto mode lets you sleep, you also have the sleep mode that won’t allow any sudden speed boost and will help you sleep peacefully. There’s 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours’ timer setting. The unit will be automatically turned off.

If you don’t want to run this 24/7, then the best option is, turn on the auto mode, set the timer, set the night light to your need, and enjoy.


The unit is CARB certified and ETL listed. It has a CADR rating of 246 m³/hour (145 CFM). It has a TVCO removal rate of 85% at 30 m³.


✔️ compact & portable
✔️ low noise
✔️ true HEPA H13 filter
✔️ smart features
✔️ easy maintenance
❌ not very energy efficient
❌ short coverage


Considering all the good and the bad sides, features, and user experiences, we give a final rating to a product. This is our final rating for Vremi true HEPA H13 air purifier.

vremi air purifier rating


In this price range, this purifier offers a great deal and it has satisfactory user experiences. We find this product eligible for effectively improving your home air quality. You won’t regret spending money on this. Stay with us to know more awesome products like this one.

Check out the portable Vremi AC if you are planning to buy one.


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