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11 Poor Air Quality Symptoms You Should Know

Healthy life, long life! This saying has been going on around since early civilization. On some level, we all try to live a healthy and long life by maintaining a lot of rules. One of them is improving indoor air quality. To do that, well, first we need to know the poor air quality symptoms.

So, what are the symptoms? We will go there shortly. Let’s clear a thing or two first. Do you use any kind of air purifier?  If not, then please see if any of the symptoms match your condition and buy one. Okay then, here goes the list of poor air quality symptoms you should know by heart.

11 Poor Air Quality Symptoms You Should Know

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Poor Air Quality Symptoms

Breathing Issues

If you find it difficult to breathe sometimes it may be because of indoor air pollution. Breathing issues may occur due to various reasons.

If fresh air doesn’t circulate in your respiratory system, then you will have breathing problems. If the air is polluted or there’s a high concentration in the air, it would be difficult for proper circulation.

You might get returning coughing. Irritation in your throat usually comes from bacterial infections. Difficulty in breathing is definitely one of the symptoms. In that case, pay a visit to a doctor and also get an air purifier.


If you get a common cold/flu that comes and goes, you need to be careful. It might be because the air you are breathing may be contaminated. There could be viruses and bacteria floating around you.


Most of the time headache/nausea is the result of poor air quality. Waking up in the morning with a headache/nausea might be the reason you should focus on improving air quality.

There are also other reasons for these issues. You may want to check them out.

Skin Problems

Air pollution can cause severe skin problems including skin cancer. Studies suggest air pollutants can cause early aging, acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer. For example, phthalate esters, one of the environmental chemicals, can make atopic dermatitis worse.


Air pollutants can cause allergies and make them worse. Among these air pollutants are the most common ones like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, etc. If you have pets, pet hair, dander will be your returning guests. This can cause severe allergic reactions.

If you are having allergies, the most common reason would be poor air quality. Try using air purifiers that are designed specifically for pet owners.

Sleep Deprivation

Can’t sleep? Or maybe disrupted sleeping patterns?

When you have bad sleep cycles, it affects your body and your basic day-to-day schedule. Feeling fatigued, dizziness during the day is not good signs. So, if you are sleeping less, try finding out the reason, if not by yourself, consult a doctor.

You might be stressed out or concentrating on a lot of disturbing situations. A common cause is, maybe you have poor air quality.

Unwanted Odor

Do you sometimes get unusual/unwanted odor coming from inside your home? This situation can happen for many reasons. For instance, cooking fumes trapped inside. Or, dirty clothes folded somewhere. Or, maybe even cigarette smoke.

If you have unwanted odors in your home, it’s one of the poor air quality symptoms. Use an air purifier in the kitchen, living, or bedroom to get rid of unwanted odor.

Temperature Shift

Have you noticed any sudden shift in temperature in certain places in your home? Do not worry, it’s not paranormal or anything! Probably it is the result of disrupted air circulation in those places.

Your air conditioner system may be causing this. Get it fixed as soon as can. A temperature shift in the home is one of poor air quality symptoms.


Is the humidity in your home is on the right level? You may be feeling uncomfortable a lot. Check your humidity levels, use a humidifier, or a dehumidifier, or an air purifier to fix this. Because it shows you have poor air quality in your home.


What about the dust? Noticed a lot of dust even if you have already cleaned the home. Dust control is a must to ensure good air quality. Try your cleaning under the furniture routinely. Use an air purifier to make the best use of your time.


Today’s modern architectural structure binds us in confined space. Naturally, air can’t circulate properly. On top of that, we use an air conditioner, dehumidifier to control air quality. If left unchecked, our house can become a perfect place for molds to grow wild.

Temperature, uncleanliness, etc. are the reasons behind molds. You should check if there’s a significant change in the number of molds in your house. Especially, in places which get deprived of sunlight.

If you find molds or mites growing in your home, it definitely indicates you have poor air quality. Try to clean the house once in a while and let the air circulate freely to get the air quality under control.


Verify your indoor air quality state by matching our list of poor air quality symptoms. These 11 symptoms are your way to achieve good air quality. Understand the problems and fix them from the core, that’s our way.

Hope you have liked what you read. You can also read our other published articles. Some might help you in the way that you needed.


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