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Some questions come to everyone’s mind after buying an air purifier and bringing it home. “Where should I place my purifier?” “Should I place my air purifier high or low?” “With this placement, can I get the best result from my new air purifier?” “Will my air purifier be able to cover the whole room if I place it here?”

And the questions go on and on! This is a perfectly natural condition applied to almost everyone. The answers are pretty simple. Let’s talk about the position on the ground today, high or low!

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In most cases, air purifiers are more beneficial if they are to be placed above the ground. Depending on the place, the placement of an air purifier is different.

You must have seen some air purifiers having wheels underneath them. The wheels are not oversized, just some regular-sized wheels to roll it away.

In this scenario, the purifier is just above the ground. If the purifier doesn’t have wheels, then it must have a bottom part to support the whole body.

It is a wise decision, for a period, to place the purifier on the ground. Let us explain why. Not all the purifiers have a 360° air intake system. With a 360° air intake system, a purifier can cover a room fully disregarding its position. Read our RIGOGLIOSO AIR PURIFIER SY910 review to learn more about the 360° air intake system.

Some purifier has its air intake vent in front or side of the body. It is well-argued speculation that if an air purifier is placed high above the ground it can take a lot of air. In other words, it can deliver a lot of clean, purified air.

In our experience, placing on the ground has its perks. Naturally, a room has furniture, some have closed bottom, some have an open bottom part. If you place the purifier on the ground, the air circulating under this furniture will be captured easily.

The amount of air circulating there is very low. But there’s a lot of dust and other air pollutants. So, place your purifier on the ground sometimes and feel the difference yourself.


Some manufacturers instruct placing the purifier in the middle of the room and 1 or 2 feet higher than the ground. Placing in the middle of the room lets the air purifier do its job entirely.

However, if you are thinking of placing your air purifier in the middle of your bedroom while you sleep, please don’t. You have to maintain at least 10 feet from your head on the bed to the purifier.

The distance helps in quiet and comfortable sleep. If the distance is greater, then your purifier might not be able to give you what you need.

Another important thing is maintaining distance from other electronic devices. A minimum distance of 38cm is necessary to prevent interference from similar frequencies.

In this case, you can wall-mount your purifier if it has that feature.

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Apart from the mentioned tips, we are going to give some tips on how to increase the lifespan of a filter.

Yes, the lifespan is certainly a major issue. With a shorter lifespan comes shorter service and shorter satisfaction. This is a step back for some highly popular air purifiers.

There are ways you can lengthen the lifespan. It is not much, but it will come in handy for sure.


  • In a 24-hour period, use auto mode a few times. The length should be 20 to 30 minutes each. If it is possible, use the auto mode in a closed room.
  • Use the timer when using the purifier while sleeping. A 4-hour timer should be sufficient.
  • If the weather outside is particularly dusty use auto mode rather than medium or high.
  • Wash the pre-filter twice a week. If you live in a dusty area, then wash it 3 times a week.
  • Once a month, take out the whole filter and vacuum the inside of the main body (if accessible).
  • Do not use a humidifier and an air purifier at the same time. The extra moisture can damage the filter.
  • You can use the purifier in the kitchen, but not in the bathroom. The steam will get in the filter and certainly shorten the lifespan.
  • When you stop using the purifier, first turn it off, then unplug the chord.


There will come different times when you have to place the purifier on the ground or higher. It is not fixed. Depending on your situation, you can do both.

Just make sure to give the purifier enough room to perform.

Stay with us to know more about air purifiers, how they work, what should you do, and whatnot.


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