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We are living in a very tragic time. We have been in a race against time because of global warming for quite a long time. The air pollution is getting worse day by day. Indoor air quality isn’t improving either! Buying an air purifier seems a better option for us all. We have prepared Mooka air purifier reviews so that you can understand and buy an air purifier that is going to be your best decision in 2021!

Nowadays, most mechanical air purifiers use only two types of filtrations, one being the primary HEPA filter, and the other being the odor filter. It appears to be all the rage these days that true HEPA air purifiers need 4 stage core filtrations, which is quite uncommon.

The Mooka air purifier lineup, on the other hand, offers plenty of options for you to choose from. Learn about the best of what Mooka has to offer by browsing through this extensive review. We have checked each of them carefully, and we guarantee you that breathing air from any of them is healthy.

Keep reading to learn more about how to make your life a healthy one. Let’s get started and hit the road to review land!


Size13.8 x 7.1 x 18.3 inches
Weight 12.3lb (5.58kg)
Noise Level 28 – 50dB
Coverage Area Up to 1350 sq. ft.
Cleansing Area Allergies
Dust mites
Mold spore
Lead dust
Cooking odor
Common smoke
Tobacco smoke
Wildfire smoke
Benzene & Formaldehyde
Bacteria & viruses
Filtration6D filtration system
Feature Remote control
Built-in timer
Night light
Preconfigured sleep mode
Filter replacement reminder
Warranty3 Years


An air purifier with multiple filtration techniques, the Mooka GL-FS32 true HEPA is sleek and glossy in design. Using it against the wall will be possible because the air inlet design is flat and sideways. If you have a few extra square feet to spare in your room, then this design is ideal.

Let’s go in-depth and find out if Mooka air purifier for home is really worth buying or not!

mooka air purifier reviews


Mooka GL-FS32 is somewhat large in size. It’s 18.3 inches in height which is sort of reasonable considering its coverage area. Mooka Gl-FS32 weighs around 12.3lb.


Gl-FS32 has considerably low noise level. In the sleep mode, it can go less than 28dB. The highest noise level you will get is around 50dB. In our opinion that’s bearable.

mooka air purifier reviews noise level


Mooka GL-FS32 can cover up to 1350 sq. ft. and purify the air in just about one hour. In 540 sq. ft. area, Mooka changes 2.5x air. If you are looking for something that will cover a small room or even the whole house, GL-FS32 is definitely for you.


Mooka air filter is basically what you need. Activated carbon filter and a layer of pre-filtration make up the core filtration system. H12 class true HEPA filter and a true HEPA filter are each in the filter system. Particulates with a diameter as small as 0.3 microns are considered to be HEPA-like in their performance. The device is effective against all kinds of particulate air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and smoke particles.

A separate activated carbon filter is added to the HEPA filter package for the 3rd stage of filtration, Filtering out odors, VOCs, and pollutants from the air. The composite filter uses an antibacterial cotton pre-filter as the first stage step, thus blocking the large air pollutants and improving the efficiency of the HEPA filter.

mooka air purifier reviews coverage area

Air purifiers automatically turn on ultraviolet lights when a switch is turned on. Any microorganisms that evade the core HEPA filter pack will be destroyed by the UV light. The remote controller is the only way to operate it, and it turns off automatically every four hours.

The filtration steps are included in a negative ion generator. Particles can be removed from the air more efficiently using negative ions. When a device is powered on, the UV light automatically turns on as well. Although it has a touch panel, the device’s ionizer can be controlled, and an indicator light is on.

Mooka air purifier filter replacement is highly cost-efficient. Only get the official replacement to get the best of this air purifier.


A built-in air quality sensor measures the air quality in the GL-FS32 air purifier from Mooka. However, it can only detect gases, as its particulate sensor isn’t sensitive enough to detect particles (PM). Three colors are displayed: Blue for good, Green for moderate, and Red for worse air quality indoors.

mooka air purifier reviews feature

In addition to a few basic features, the touchscreen control panel and the top display both have touch inputs. Several settings are available, including a power button, four timer settings, three fan speeds, and an ionizer switch. The four fan mode indicators light up when it turns on with automatic mode.

A sensor that measures air quality automatically changes the fan speed in auto mode. With the fan set to the lowest speed, all of the led indicators will be off while the computer is in sleep mode.


Mooka GL-FS32 is CARB certified. A mid-range air purifier like MOOKA GL-FS32 will deliver 177CFM, which is excellent.


✔ A true HEPA filter
✔ With UV-C, ionizer, and activated carbon
✔ Highly effective destroyer
✔ High CADR
✔ Remote controller
✔ Compact design
✔ Low cost maintenance
✔ 100% OZONE free
✖ Loudest when top speed is reached
✖ Remote control only for UV bulbs


We rate products based on all their good and bad features, user experiences, and overall quality. This is our final rating for Mooka GL-FS32.

winxi hr900 review rating


Air purifiers like this do not come much smaller. There’s no way to notice its presence because it runs so quietly. In midrange priced air purifiers, this would be a better investment if you want a true HEPA filter as well as multiple additional filtrations on top of a moderate airflow rate.

Stay with us to learn more about air purifiers like GL-FS32 that are essentially great for your home. Hope our Mooka air purifier reviews helped you the way you hoped.


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