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Let’s say, you bought an air purifier. You are running it 24/7. But you are not quite sure if it’s working properly. So, how to tell if your air purifier is actually working?

There are ways you can be sure of it. You can personally check and tell if your air purifier is working properly or not!

An air purifier is essential to improve indoor air quality. The air you are breathing is not free of pollution. Whether you are inside or outside, pollution is everywhere.

An air purifier takes in all the pollution and delivers clean air. The purification happens in certain stages. The air goes through the torture house. Then comes out all well-refined and purified.

Today, we are going to talk about some of those ways you can tell if the purifier is performing its purification or not. We know how it feels with that level of uncertainty. We will help you out of that situation.

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An air purifier comes with many features. Some of those features will help you to identify the working status. Or you can manually check the purifier.

Let’s talk about some manual techniques. Then we will dive into the easy, readymade ways.


Naturally, an air purifier has more than one filter. When the purifier sucks in the air, the purification process starts. There is a pre-filter at the frontline. Larger particles get trapped here. You can open up the pre-filter to check if the color is the same as when it arrived.

how to tell if air purifier is working check filter

If the purifier is working, then it won’t look so shiny and new. There will be visible dust. The pre-filter will look dirty. If it does, your purifier is fighting your fight!

The true HEPA filter is next. You will see a greasy layer on top of the purifier. That means the HEPA is effectively targeting 99.97% of pollutants.

QUICK TIP: Clean once every month. Check once every 5/6 days.

The activated carbon filter will slowly get saturated if the purifier is working properly. If you see the honeycomb stays blacker than the night, then that filter is most likely not working at all!


how to tell if air purifier is working air flow

Air purifier takes in the air, purifies the air, and releases cleaner air. You should check the air vent for uninterrupted airflow. If the airflow is interrupted or no airflow, then throw out your purifier. You should also demand your money back!

QUICK TIP: Want to know the exact airflow? Buy an Airflow Meter.


If your air purifier has ionizer, then observe your walls and furniture. Ionizer removes germs and pollutants from. Ionizer does not eliminate them. It just makes them stick to your wall, ground, ceiling, and some furniture. Observe and notice the difference!

check furniture and walls
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After using an air purifier for a few days, you will notice some changes. You will breathe more easily than before. Your allergies will get reduced. You will sleep better. These healthy traits are signs that your purifier is working effectively.

check your health

There are other ways to measure the working status. An air purifier is full of amazing time-saving features. Use those to your advantage!


If your purifier has an air quality indicator, you might want to have a big MAC and relax! This feature will let you measure indoor air quality in real-time. Read the manual to understand the ranges it shows. You will need a minute or two to complete the task.

air quality indicator


You will find various air quality monitoring devices on the market. If you don’t trust your purifier’s integrated features, buy one of these. They have the same features. They will tell indoor air quality in real-time. We bet, they will tell you the same thing as your purifier’s air quality indicator!

air quality monitor


If you have a faulty purifier, it will not work properly form the start. In our experience, the faulty piece will announce itself with an extra loud noise.

We cross our hearts and declare it’s the truth! If something like this happens, immediately contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

If they are a well-known and trustworthy company, they will replace it without any cost.

We hope you have found what you were looking for. Now go and check your air purifier’s status. Stay with us to know more about air purifiers!


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