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DISCLAIMER: Hessaire MC18M Reviews may encourage you to buy the product. Read at your own risk!

Hessaire MC18M evaporative cooler or swamp cooler is a compact beast that can move around smoothly and generates chilling air while being extremely energy efficient.

Hessaire is a well-known company for evaporative coolers. It is now a top-rated cooler seller. You may have purchased other models from them. The MC18M is evidently one of their best.

With a surface area of up to 500 square feet, the Hessaire MC18M is one of the best compact evaporative coolers on the market.

The cooler offers great cooling capacity, but it does sacrifice some tank volume and will need replenishing after 3 to 4 hours without a hose attached.

This portable swamp cooler is best for use outdoors or in larger indoor spaces, and it has many features that allow it to be moved from one location to another.

Let’s dig into some detail of Hessaire MC18M.


Size20 x 10 x 28 inches
Weight16 lbs
Operating Weight56.1 lbs
Coverage AreaUp to 500 sq ft
Usage AreaWarehouse
Construction sites
Outdoor shops
Noise LevelUp to 53.4 dB
Voltage110 – 120V
Max Wattage85W
Max Amperage0.7 Amps
Horsepower1/15 hp
Power Cord Length6 ft
Control TypeManual
Form FactorPersonal
Fan Speeds2
Motor Speed5 settings
Water FillIndoor
Reservoir Capacity4.8 Gallons
Wheels4 heavy-duty locking wheels
FeaturesHose hookup
Water level indicator
Adjustable louvers
Automatic overheat protection


Most people will come to appreciate having a decent air conditioner in their home if they live in a region that is hot and humid.

A dual-purpose air conditioner will also be in your best interest, however, since there isn’t a lot of them on the market, your next best option would be an evaporative cooler.

Hessaire MC18M indoor-outdoor can be used in this scenario, so it’s one of your top choices if you’re shopping around for the best outdoor air conditioner.

hessaire mc18m


Heat is pulled through a water-soaked filter to reduce the temperature using evaporative cooling fans designed by Hessaire. In contrast to an air conditioner, the MC18M doesn’t use refrigerants to remove heat from the room.

In hot, dry climates, the MC18M evaporative cooling fan is ideal for removing dust and moisture from the air in addition to delivering 1,300 CFM of cool air.

Here’s a cooling chart for you to look at –

mc18m performance


Evaporative fans save up to 50% on electricity compared to air conditioning systems. Using water instead of refrigerant prevents the release of ozone-depleting chemicals.


Easy connection, continuous water flow without overflow, and up to 3-4 hours of use are available thanks to its 4.8-gallon tank, built-in float valve, and garden hose adapter.

mc18m hose


An intuitive operation mode is available on the MC18M. You simply turn the knob to get the MC18M running. The cooling process could not be more straightforward.

Two fan-only modes are available on HI and LOW speeds (pump off), and two cooling modes are available on HI and LOW speeds (pump on).

  • Low fan only: The fan with no pump is used to circulate air with low evaporative cooling.
  • High fan only: You can circulate air only with the high fan mode without evaporative cooling or a pump.
  • Low fan with the pump on: Use the fan on low when the pump is on with the evaporative cooling on.
  • Pump on: To pre-wet the pads, switch on the pump.
mc18m control knob


  • Air can be pushed both up and down simultaneously with the adjustable louvers on the front style grill. These louvers are excellent for facilitating the drying of floors as well as cooling.
  • It features an injection-molded ABS body with UV additives that will withstand sun exposure.
  • The water level indicator provides information about how much water you need to add and where the water level is.


  • Hessaire MC18M
  • User manual
  • Brass garden hose adapter
  • Set of 4 wheels – 2 locking, 2 non-locking
mc18m wheels


Here are some reviews directly from people who used the MC18M and felt the power and performance firsthand –

“I work in a shop with no AC and no insulation. It's usually over 100 degrees from June through September here. We're currently at 100 degrees or more for over 30 days in a row. Right now, it's 100 degrees as I type this. I put this cooler under my desk, facing me and it keeps my legs, all the way up to my arms and neck, nice and cool. My legs are almost too cold right now.”
“Bought this for my patio where we get 116.
Was surprised how cool it got that day
Easy set up right price.
Water it holds 5 gallons largest one I found
Best of all with included adapter you can connect a water hose so no worries about filling it.”
“I am a 60-year-old woman. My big issue was where to put it. So far, I am impressed with how quiet the unit runs, how quickly it cooled down my huge living room, The only negative thing so far is it is hard to see the settings on the dial, they are small and blurry.”


✔Easy to move around✖Little expensive for budget buyers
✔Locking wheels work perfectly✖Reservoir capacity could be greater
✔Cools off quickly 
✔Compact size 
✔Durable design 
✔Energy efficient 
✔Higher evaporation efficiency 
✔Low noise level 


Would this be a portable air conditioner?

This is an Evaporative Cooler. The ambient air is cooled here by a fan and water. Additionally, it is often called a ‘swamp’ cooler.

Do I need to assemble the product?

Hessaire Evaporative Cooling Fans are delivered preassembled and ready to use. All it takes is to remove the packaging and remove the unit from the box carefully.

Casters should be installed before filling the unit and turning it on. Lock the two locking wheels to prevent the cooling fan from shifting.

Where are the wheels and casters?

All the parts for assembly, which include wheels, casters, and any other hardware, are nested in the bottom of the unit.

How do I install casters?

Install the wheels with the brake in the front of the unit. Tap them into place with a cloth-covered hammer or rubber mallet.

Where should I position my cooler?

For your cooling system to work properly, you must place it near a window or door that is open. You should always leave another window or door open so that the air can escape from the room.

How to dry out the filter?

At the end of each day, run your cooler on the FAN ONLY for 30 minutes to dry out the filter. Before storing your cooler for the winter, make sure to: a. Drain the tank and wipe it out with a clean cloth; b. Clean the filter, and c. Reassemble and run it on the FAN ONLY for 30 minutes.

I plugged in but it is not cooling right away.

The water compartment must be filled to the brim to allow the pump to prime. Once that occurs, the water will begin to cycle and within 15 minutes the fan will be cooling efficiently.


We carefully reviewed the MC18M and customer reviews and decided that this would be a fair rating for a product such as this one. We have only given it our Comfyy rating, it could be different elsewhere.



Despite its small size, the Hessaire MC18M is surprisingly powerful. For anyone who wishes to enjoy evaporative cooling indoors and outdoors, the Hessaire MC18M is a great choice.

This cooler has some great portability features that make it a great choice for someone who plans to move their cooler around a lot.

We loved the Hessaire MC18M and so did hundreds of other customers. The MC18M is a great investment that you will not regret in the long run.

We hope that the Hessaire MC18M Reviews we provided, have helped you in your search for the perfect product. We want to make sure you’re always comfyy.

Check back soon for more reviews of products like the Hessaire MC18M.


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