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DISCLAIMER: Dyson TP02 review can and will destroy your budget, be aware! Don’t read if you are planning a Spain tour this holiday.

Among the most impressive home appliances out there are those made by Dyson. The company is currently offering a top-rated air purifier at a 14% price reduction. We are, of course, talking about the Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 air purifier.

A Dyson Pure Cool air purifier offers a contemporary look and a high level of performance. One of Dyson’s top-of-the-line air purifiers is the Dyson Pure Cool TP02. The Dyson TP02 reimagines the model TP01.

Dyson’s TP02 is easily operated via the Dyson Link app, remote control, and auto mode. The latest version has built-in wireless, Alexa support, and Siri functionality.

Basically, this product is both an air purifier and a fan with a built-in automatic cleaning feature that lets the gadget run in standby until it senses the need to purify the air.

Despite the fact that it’s not cheap, we still consider it a solid air purifier based on performance, quality, and usability.


ModelPure Cool Link TP02
Size7.7 x 4.3 x 40.1 inches
Weight7.9 pounds
Noise Level56dB max
Control MethodVoice
Controller TypeAmazon Echo
Coverage AreaUp to 1000 sq ft
Cleansing AreaAllergens
Mold spores
Pet dander
Harmful toxins
Filtration2-Stage filtration
Filter TypeHEPA
Filter Lifespan~14 months
Air Speed10
Air Flow114 gallons/sec
Power SourcePower cord
Power Consumption~55W
Feature360 degrees air intake
Auto mode
Realtime air quality monitor
Wi-Fi enabled
App control
Voice control
Remote control
Night mode
Sleep timer
Auto shut off
Warranty2 years


Dyson TP02 is undoubtedly one of the most desired and valued air purifiers of all time. It’s been a few years since it came to the market. Yet, TP02 is knocking out brand new air purifiers like flies.

Why do people love this unit so much, ever wondered? We did. Here’s our review based on solid facts and unfiltered user experiences.


Unlike other traditional air purifiers that are shaped like boxes, the Dyson TP02 has a unique design. It has the same bladeless design concept as the old TP01, having a 40-inch height and an open amplifier on top.

Additionally, its air intake is designed to trap large objects of pollutants, like hair, dust, and fur, and it also uses the bottom-to-top airflow system concept. Furthermore, the TP02 has a 360° air intake, which means that more polluted air can be drawn in at one point.

tp02 full view

In the front part of the base, there is a LED indicator that displays various symbols, as well as an on/off switch on top. With a height of approximately 3.5 feet and a width of 8 inches and a thickness of over 4 inches, it’s a slim air purifier.

Even though the air purifier is 3.5 feet tall, it weighs just 8 pounds, so be careful around kids since it is easy to move. This elegant and unique design makes it an ideal household item for any room of the house.

No matter what style or color your room has, this device will blend in.


The filter of Dyson TP02 includes two layers. A 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter paired with an activated carbon layer completes the filtration process.

360 degrees glass hepa filter

HEPA – Air passes through the Glass HEPA filter after being drawn into the base of the purifier. The 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter traps ultrafine dust as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander.

Activated Carbon – In addition to removing odors, activated carbon can also eliminate harmful toxins, such as paint fumes, cooking fumes, smoke, and wildfire smoke.

TP02 uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier Technology to create a long-range projection that circulates purified air throughout the room.


You are well aware of washing pre-filters once a week/month. With Dyson TP02, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it now and then. The motto here is, “Use it, Change it”. The filter here lasts more than a year, approximately 14 months according to user research data.

Using the purifier 12 hours a day will decrease the lifetime of the filter by two months only. The TP02 is also energy-efficient. It costs around $20 per year.


Additionally, Dyson TP02 is straightforward to install and use. The first time you set up the device, you need to follow a few steps. It’s as simple as unboxing, sliding the filter into the base, plugging it in, and turning it on.

tp02 remote

After that, you can either use the remote to control it manually or use the Dyson Link App. Since the remote doesn’t have a visual surface, you will have to watch the purifier and adjust/control it simultaneously.

dyson link app home screen

The Dyson Link App has multiple features that can be essentially helpful. In less than 5 minutes you can set up the app. The following are the actions you can do with the app –

  • Set daily and weekly purification schedule
  • Monitor real time air quality and adjust settings accordingly
  • Receive automatic updates from the purifier
  • Control all other settings of TP02


  • Purifier
  • Filter
  • Remote Control

You can download the User Manual from here


✔Strong filtration with 360 air intake✖Expensive
✔Smart features✖Big size
✔Low noise✖Moderate odor filtering
✔Highest airflow 
✔Wi-Fi enabled 
✔Long-lasting filter 
✔No Ozone 


Dyson TP02 is one of the best air purifiers on the market with more smart features than most of them and an excellent performance record.

We researched over a thousand user experiences. A few of them got faulty products and got bad experiences. Other than that, it has a perfect record from the rest of the users.

We thoroughly researched, prepared our Dyson TP02 review guide, and give our very rating to a product and this is our final rating for the TP02 air purifier.



An air purifier that has a cool look, coolest smart features, powerful filtration, energy-efficient, app control, low noise level, and superb performance overall is the one that all want.

TP02 fulfills all demands and we love the purifier. Yes, it is not a budget-friendly one, but it is the most efficient one.

If you are planning to invest in an air purifier, don’t invest in one that pleases your wallet. Invest in one that pleases your health.

Hope our Dyson TP02 review helped you understand the product’s value and your needs. Keep visiting our site to get more reviews like this one.


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