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Colzer air purifier has a great reputation for its efficiency, technology, and of course, the look. We will get into all of these and more in our Colzer air purifier review.

Trying to find an air purifier that can produce large amounts of clean air is confusing when you have so many good air purifiers on the market. The purification of the air can be accelerated when the CADR of the air purifier is high.

But do all the high CADR air purifiers provide absolute purification and eliminate pollutants as the manufacturers say?

Well, we would say, the KJ800 air purifier from Colzer does the job. Today, we will give an in-depth review of KJ800 which is going to be your best friend and guardian against poor air.

Read our full review to have a clear idea and you will be able to decide for yourself whether KJ800 is the best air purifier for you or not.

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Size14.1 x 14 x 28.3 inches
Weight32.6 lb (14.79 kg)
Noise Level39-64 dB
Coverage AreaUp to 3500 sq. ft.
Cleansing AreaPollen
Pet Allergies
Pet Dander
Pet fur
Chemicals VOCs
FiltrationDual 3-Stage Air Purification System
Filter Lifespan~6 months
CADR470 CFM (800CMH)
Fan Speed5
Power Consumption5-62 W
FeatureFull-Function Touch Panel
App Control
Smart Particle Sensor
PM2.5 Real-Time Air Quality Detector
Auto Mode
Sleep Mode
Child Lock
Casters for portability
CARB Certified
ETL Listed
Warranty2 Years


Everyone desires clean, fresh air. Having an air purifier at home and in the office is a necessity today. In your home, office, and shop, you can improve the quality of the air with an air purifier. The Colzer product line offers a wide range of air filtration products to keep your indoor air fresh.

Colzer KJ800 is truly amazing when it comes to absolute power. Purifying the air while keeping the electricity consumption at low, saving almost 60%, is something that only Colzer KJ800 can do.

colzer kj800 air purifier


A tall tower design is featured on Colzer KJ800 air purifier. The air intake system is dual-sided and white in color. It is very common to find air purifiers with either an air intake on the front or 360-degree air intake. As a result of the dual air intake, Colzer air purifier is able to draw in more air.

With KJ800, you have 360-degree casters for the easiest movements. In spite of measuring 17 by 17 by 30.9 inches and weighing 32.2 pounds, you can move the unit around easily.


The KJ800 is also quieter. Despite its maximum fan speed, KJ800 produces less than 64dB of sound. A normal conversation is 60dB, which is a hint louder. With the sleep mode, the purifier can go as low as 39dB.

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Colzer KJ800 can cover up to 3500 sq. ft. The air purifier can replace 100% air every hour in 2000 sq. ft. Within 30 minutes, KJ800 can clean the air in a room that measures 1500 square feet.

The air can be cleaned in three minutes if it is placed in a 180-square-foot area. Using the purifier for 1500 square feet of space is recommended by the manufacturer.

colzer kj800 coverage


An integral filtration system is used in the Colzer KJ800 air purifier. This filter is a combination of Honeycomb activated carbon and True HEPA filtration. In addition, it is equipped with a prefilter.

Filtration begins with a pre-filter. Among other things, it traps dust, pet fur, hair, and lint. There is no need to dry clean it.

colzer air purifier filtration

The HEPA filter is the second stage after the first. 0.3 micron-sized particles can easily be captured by them. Filter efficiency is 99.97% thanks to the HEPA filter.

Combining them allows for more efficient particle filtration. It is the activated carbon filter that completes the filtration system. Carbon is a substance that traps cooking odors, VOCs, and some gases.

The device has a reminder to replace the filter.  The filter needs to be replaced if the indicator turns red and flashes. It will begin to flash red after 4 to 6 months (three thousand hours of running). Following the user manual’s instructions, replace the filters.


Aside from the powerful filtration system and high CADR, the Colzer KJ800 Air Purifier has many other amazing features. There is a sleep mode on the device. Air purifiers equipped with this function use less energy since they run at lower speeds.

KJ800 can be fully controlled by a smartphone app. Smart Life app must be downloaded in order to utilize this function. You can get the app for both android and iPhone. The app allows you to control various settings including fan speed, timer, remote power off, and filter status.

colzer kj800 feature

Besides the integrated Wi-Fi remote, you’ll also appreciate the built-in touch screen. Using the touch controls on the unit or the app, you can lock the purifier for children. Your child will not be able to make unauthorized changes to settings thanks to this function. At the top, you will find the touch controls.

Different settings are available, including fan speeds and child locks. By tapping an icon, you can choose a function.


Colzer KJ800 is FCC and CARB certified. The purifier is also ETL listed. So, there’s no reason to suspect it’s efficiency. Besides that, KJ800 has a higher CADR than any other air purifier at this range which is 470 CFM.

Colzer KJ800 has a 2-year warranty with a 30-day refund policy.

colzer air purifier review


✔ Higher CADR✖ Filter replacement can be tricky
✔ Strong filtration✖ Not AHAM verified
✔ Real time air quality check 
✔ App control 
✔ Slick design 
✔ Energy efficient 


While we prepared our Colzer air purifier review, we researched the purifier thoroughly. Considering all the good and bad sides of KJ800, we have prepared our final rating.

Since the product has too many plus customer reviews than minuses, we couldn’t give it a less rating. KJ800 is truly amazing for your home and should get a reasonable rating too!


Colzer KJ800 is an excellent air purifier with a high CADR that will help you keep the air in your home clean. There are three stages of filtration to get rid of chemicals, VOCs, dust, pollen, allergens, and pet fur. Due to its double-sided air intake system, this purifier offers improved air purification performance.

In order to make cleaner and purer air using the purifier, more air is drawn into the filtration system. By using the Smart Life app, you can control the unit. It can be controlled remotely from any part of the house if you download and install it from the App store.

An air purifier like that is surely going to be on your list. Like many other customers, you will love this and your money will be well spent on Colzer KJ800 air purifier.

Hope you have found what you were looking for in this review. Visit us often to get more reviews of air purifiers like KJ800.


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