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Is the air purifier you are using safe? Does it have harmful side effects? Can air purifiers make you sick? Some questions remain, maybe not from all of us, but from most of us.

Air Purifiers, the name itself describes its responsibility. In this era, air purifiers are a must-have to improve and maintain indoor air quality. Your health will be improved when your indoor air quality is better than usual. It is common sense, right?

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Well, the absolute truth is, air purifier won’t make you sick. The sole purpose of air purifiers is to make your health better. Breathe healthy, be healthy.

There are some things you should keep in check before buying and while using an air purifier. We will go through all of these in a minute!

First, let’s talk about the types of air purifiers. There are a few types available on the market. Not all of them are for HOME use. Let’s check them out.

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There are some air purifiers with basic filtration. Some with basic but extra strong filtration. Some with ionizers. There are some with extra features than just ionizers. Others without filters at all, like electrostatic air purifiers.

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Purifiers with true HEPA and HEPA will never make you sick. They will capture 99.97% of pollutants dancing in front of you in the air. If you run HEPA purifiers 24/7, the improvement rate will be increased.

There is no harmful side to these types of purifiers. You have to change the filters in their due time. That’s it!

Studies suggest true HEPA filters are better than HEPA filters. There are a few types of HEPA filters.

According to nafahq, there are 6 types of HEPA filters, A to F (for details, visit the website). HEPA and true HEPA have their own different classes.

According to WIKIPEDIA, there are U10 to U17 classes of filters. Each with a certain level of efficiency. Measuring every detail, true HEPA is next-generation stuff! HEPA is well-efficient but true is more efficient than HEPA. You can choose either of them.


Activated Carbon or Charcoal filters basically work in the odor removal department. Purifiers having these features do not pose any threat to your health.

Their procedure is simple. The air first goes through a pre-filter. A little refined air then goes through the HEPA filter. More refined and purified air then goes through an activated carbon or charcoal filter.

All the unwanted and bad odors are being neutralized there. When the air comes out of the air vent, you get the perfect, fresh breathable properly purified air.


An ionizer is a whole different kind of air purifier. Some purifiers have this feature collaborated with others. But you can get just an ionizer to satisfy your needs.

Ionizers mainly produce negative. These ions attract air pollutants. In the purification process, unwanted stuff gets stuck in those negative ions. These ions move pollutants away from the air. Generally, all the pollutants are being moved to the walls, ceiling, ground, and furniture.

Ionizers do not produce ozone. do not confuse this with OZONE generator! Ionizers are safe to use.


While ionizer produces negative ions, electrostatic air purifiers produce both negative and positive ions. The purification process is almost the same as the others.

Electrostatic purifiers do not have HEPA filters. The pollutants get charged and stick to the internal filters.

Though these type purifiers are totally electronic, they are not harmful to your health.

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HEPA and true HEPA are your close friends. They will not betray you. Their life span may be short, but you can always get more. The friendship goes a long way!

what to do & what not

Activated carbon and charcoal are great. Who likes a smelly environment? No one. You should trust them.

Ionizers are good. But we prefer Plasma Technology. Now, what’s that again?

Ionizer does not terminate pollutants, it passes and tosses them to other places. Plasma technology on the other hand actually destroys. This technology is truly amazing! Read our WINIX HR900 REVIEW to know more about PLASMA TECHNOLOGY.

Electrostatic purifiers are good. They will also save you some money on a certain level. There’s no extra cost for filter replacements. But look out for energy consumption.

It will be a bummer if you buy one that consumes like a giant!

Now let’s talk about OZONE Generators. First, you should know that it is not advisable to use this at home. This is usually used in industrial space for purification.

Some uses in the basement. You can use but for some amount. Though you can use a purifier 24/7, you SHOULD NOT use the ozone generator that much.

If you breathe ozone of a certain amount for a long period of time, you will be in greater health risk than usual. To be on the safe side, avoid using it at home at all costs!


air purifier maintain

Your air purifier will not make you sick. But you should do certain things to make sure of that.

  • Clean the pre-filter properly. You don’t have to clean it regularly. Make a schedule. However, if you notice less purification, check it, clean it.
  • Replace your filters when it is necessary. Check the filter change indicator or check manually. Do not stretch the life span. In the long run, it WILL be harmful!
  • Clean the outer part of your air purifier.
  • Keep good hygiene.
  • Clean your house properly. Make sure to clean the walls, ceiling, ground, all the furniture. Clean them thoroughly. Do this at least once a month.


Your health is in your hand. At least, most of it. Do whatever you can to stay healthy. There are lots of ways we can get sick. Also, there are lots of ways we can prevent that from happening.

Air purifiers cannot and will not make you sick. So, don’t worry and go get yourself an air purifier. Read about the NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS of air purifiers.

We hope that now you are clear on the subject whether air purifiers can make you sick or not!

Stay with us to know more!


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