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There are a lot of air purifiers on the market that ensures good air quality. But you need the best. For your best chance, we have prepared Airthereal APH260 Review Guide, a purifier that recently got very popular.

You never compromise the safety of your family. Then why should you compromise the quality of the air they breathe in? The answer is, you should NOT! The ups and downs in air quality create health issues. And over time, it could be damaging and irreversible.

You should be able to take care of this problem and you want to. So, how can you do it? Simple, buy an air purifier that meets your requirements. An air purifier that provides you with the desired service.

airthereal aph260 review cover image

Airthereal is a growing American company from our very own Las Vegas, Nevada. Airthereal has quite a few amazing products to offer. We are much fascinated by Pure Morning APH260 7-in-1 true HEPA filter air purifier.

APH260 has powerful features and amazing service that already obtained high customer satisfaction. We will take a good look at all the good and the bad sides of this purifier. We want to make sure that what you are buying is worth your time and money.



13 x 6.7 x 21.2 inches


10.4lb (4.7 kg)

Noise Level

28 – 49 dB

Anion Density

20*106 pcs/cm3 (1.22*106 pcs/in3)

Power Supply

AC 120V, 60Hz US. CA.

Rated Power


Standby Power


Operating Temperature

-10°C~55°C (14°F~131°F)

Coverage Area

up to 500 sq. ft.

Cleansing Area

allergies, dust, smoke, odors, pet hair, dander, pollen, germs, bacteria


7-in-1 filtration system

Fan Speed


Smart Feature

Smart Auto Mode
Sleep Mode
Anion Mode
UV-C Light Mode
Particle Sensor
Air Quality Indicator
Filter Change Indicator




2 years

We have prepared an authentic and honest review of Airthereal Pure Morning APH260. We researched the purifier, identified what it offers, and verified what users get. Hope this review will come to your aid. Now then, let’s not waste any more time and hit the road to ReviewLand!



The APH260 is 13 inches long, 6.7 inches wide, and 21.2 inches high. The unit weighs over 10 pounds. With the sleek look, APH260 will match your interior.

airthereal aph260 size & weight


The APH260 comes in a black and white design. At the top, you will get the air outlet, LED display, and touch-control panel. On the side, you will get a handle, side air vent, and the back shell. At the front side, you will get a front shell and the air intake eggshell. At the bottom, there is a pedestal for support.


APH260 has 3 fan speeds; low, medium, and high. Noises rise with each speed. The lowest sound is around 28 dB and the highest is around 49 dB. The sleep mode gives the lowest sound. When you activate the sleep mode, the air quality indicator gets turned off.


The manufacturer recommends using Pure Morning APH260 in 355 sq. ft. room. User reviews suggest this purifier can cover a room up to 500 sq. ft. But for an optimal experience, use this in a room that is around 300 sq. ft. You can use this unit in your living room, bedroom, basement, and office.

When placing the purifier keep a 15 inches (38cm) distance on all sides. Maintain distance from TV, PC, and other electronic devices to avoid electromagnetic interference.


APH260 purifier is effective against allergies, dust, smoke, odors, and other airborne pollutants. This purifier has a 7-in-1 filter to purify the air.

There are three main filters. A pre-filter that captures larger particles. A true HEPA filter that targets pollutants and captures them. An activated carbon filter that reduces odors, smoke, and other unwanted smells. The filter is pre-attached with Nano Mineral, Cold Catalyst Filter, Photo Catalyst Filter, and Molecular Sieve.

airthereal aph260 filtration

The manufacturer says you have to change the filter every 6 months. But you could easily use it for up to 9 months. Users highly rated the filter. Buy the official filter for APH260.

The filter changing process of this purifier is easy enough. First, turn it off and unplug. Then, Remove the front shell and take out the old filter by pulling the tab. Finally, unwrap a new one and install it in the unit.

The pull-tab should be facing outward before the front shell on. That’s it! Press and hold the fan and timer button for 3 seconds to reset the replacement reminder.

airthrereal aph260 purification

Pure Morning APH260 takes around 10 minutes to start working. Once you turn on the device, wait for a few minutes. The purifier will measure the air quality indoor. After that, you will start hearing the roar.

It is necessary to clean the pre-filter twice a week. The level of dust it captures will eventually slow down the purification speed.


APH260 air purifier has useful features. On top, you will see an LED display that will show real-time PM2.5 value for indoor air quality. This is how the air purifier works based on PM2.5 values –

PM2.5 (µg/cubic meter)QualityAQI (EPA of USA)Fan Speed
0.0 – 12.0Good0 – 50Low
12.1 – 35.4Moderate51 – 100Medium
35.5 – 150Unhealthy101 – 200High

On the touch-control display panel, you will find the power button, fan speed button, anion button. You can set the timer from 1-12 hours using the timer button.

There is a sleep mode and smart auto mode. Smart auto mode will work based on PM2.5 values. There is a UV-C light mode with an on/off option. The PM2.5 will flash red when it is time to change the filter.

airthereal aph260 air quality monitor

The Health Canada Guideline 2010 recommends the maximum exposure limit of OZONE is 0.020 parts per million by volume (ppmv). This is based on an average time of 8 hours.

The result requires a sealed, controlled room of approximately 30 m3. This purifier complies with the maximum allowable concentration of OZONE of 0.050 ppmv in a 24-hour period.

Every purifier with ionizer produces a certain amount of OZONE. But it should be below the danger line. Luckily, APH260 is certified in this matter.

airthereal aph260 touch display


Pure Morning APH260 is CARB, ETL, FCC, and CE certified. The carb certification EO number is G- 18- 110. The CADR rating is 152 CFM (260 m3/h).

ETL tested OZONE density is 0ppmv. ETL certification number is 5012499 which was authorized in September 2018 by Intertek. APH260 is not Energy Star certified. So we can’t say it is an energy-efficient product.


✔️ powerful filtration system
✔️ smart sensors
✔️ UV-C & ANION function
✔️ quiet operation
✔️ high CADR
✔️ reasonable price
✔️ easy to use
❌ high maintenance
❌ not AHAM verfied


We looked at the good and the bad sides, all the promises, and the deliveries. In this section of the review, we gave a final rating to the Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 air purifier by measuring all that.

airthereal aph260 review rating


So, what did you decide? If you have decided to give it a try, then we will give you some tips and tricks to get a better experience.

  • Do not use an extension cord. If necessary, find a cord that is the same size as the original cord.
  • Do not use this in the bathroom.
  • The manufacturers say you can use it in a lab. Try not to do that. Do not use it in a room with toxic vapors, flammable dust, chemicals, explosive gases, or oxygen tanks.
  • Never put fingers or objects into the air outlet.
  • Do not sit on top of the air purifier.
  • Do not cover the cord. Place it away from high traffic areas.
  • Do not place the purifier near any heat source.
  • Do not open the back shell while the purifier is on.
  • There is no child lock. So, child supervision is required.
  • Use dry hands while operating.
  • Place it on a flat surface.
  • Clean the appliance with water.


APH260 has some downsides. Taking everything into consideration, we will recommend you to give this purifier a try. At this price range, you will not get everything. But the purifier keeps its promises and gives you what it offers.

Go get yourself the APH260 air purifier and we hope it will be up to your expectations! Hope we provided helpful information. Stay with us to get more review on products like Airthereal APH260.

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